About Love Ugly Food

Yenny Martin harvesting boxes of curly kale

Hi there!   

I’m Yenny.

Environmental conservation has been important to me since childhood, but it didn’t become an obsession until after I graduated college with an arguably worthwhile, but somewhat unhelpful, degree in visual arts. 

Starting in 2012, I have been working at food access nonprofits centered around supporting local agriculture and urban farming. For the last several years I have worked in the field of “food rescue,” collecting food from farms and supermarkets that would otherwise be wasted, and distributing it to underserved communities. 

Through this blog I want to share with you what I’ve learned from my work and personal waste-reduction journey, while bringing you perspectives from my network of wise food rescue professionals. Let’s push full-steam ahead toward building the tools and systems we need to conserve, preserve, and value our resources. 

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