We’re in This (Chicken) Shit Together

This “zine” (little magazine) was made for an environmentally-conscious, but still carnivorous, audience. There will be no conversion-tactics here, just chickens telling stories.

Farming Ourselves Out of Food

Read on to learn about how we’re quite literally farming ourselves out of food (hint: it’s because there are too many people eating too many cows).

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Part 2

It’s still best to try the above options first, but if you are deciding between a cut or plastic tree, opt for a locally grown cut tree. If you already have a plastic tree, use it for as long as possible.

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Part 1

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with thrifting for presents. Often items are good as new and totally unique. Second hand shops carry jewelry, kitchenware, games, holiday decorations (great for wrapping decoration), books, records, and loads of wonderful potential-gifts.

Learning to Let Go: My Experience

As artists, my parents worked from home and prioritized doing everything as a unit, encouraging expressions of creativity and engaging with an observant and compassionate eye. To them, everything was valuable. The lint from the dryer was valuable because who knew when it would be perfect for a project? Most things were too dear to…

Practical Minimalism For Normal People

Moving on does not negate or disrespect what the object symbolizes, and commanding the confidence to realize that it’s no longer needed at this stage in your life is liberating.

Shopping Addiction: Purge Your Urge to Splurge

When you begin a ritual behavior, it’s like the act of pushing a ball downhill—it’s the beginning of a compulsive cycle that builds powerful momentum. When engaging in ritual behaviors, there is a buildup of excitement, commitment (sometimes unconscious), and often a strong feeling of conflict.

9 Freezer Hurdles and How to Jump Them

The idea that you cannot refreeze defrosted food is a myth. Any food—even meat—can be refrozen, as long as it hasn’t lingered on the counter for over two hours or spent too many days in the fridge.

Your Guide to Freezing (and Thawing) Food

Keep your freezer full, but not jam-packed. A full freezer is more energy-efficient than an empty one, but air needs to circulate. As with your refrigerator, keep the air vents unblocked.


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