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We’re in This (Chicken) Shit Together

This “zine” (little magazine) was made for an environmentally-conscious, but still carnivorous, audience. There will be no conversion-tactics here, just chickens telling stories.

Farming Ourselves Out of Food

Read on to learn about how we’re quite literally farming ourselves out of food (hint: it’s because there are too many people eating too many cows).

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas, Part 2

It’s still best to try the above options first, but if you are deciding between a cut or plastic tree, opt for a locally grown cut tree. If you already have a plastic tree, use it for as long as possible.


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“Solving food insecurity is not about producing more food, but rather making the most of the food that we already have.” 

Karl Deily, President of Sealed Air Food Care

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