Farming Ourselves Out of Food

It’s been a while! I started an MA program in art and sustainability in January, and have found myself stripped of blogging energy. But, I’ll be (slowly but surely) using my next handful of posts to illustrate in “zine” form what I’ve been learning about the environment.

Read on to learn about how we’re quite literally farming ourselves out of food (hint: it’s because there are too many people eating too many cows).


Project Drawdown

The End of Plenty, by Joel K. Bourne Jr.

Forecasting Agriculturally Driven Global Environmental Change

Climate Change, Water and Food Security

Growing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Due to Meat Production

World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision

World Population to 2300

Published by Yenny

I want to share with you what I’ve learned from my work as a food rescuer and from my personal waste-reduction journey, while bringing you perspectives from my network of wise industry professionals. Let’s push full-steam ahead toward building the tools and systems we need to conserve, preserve, and value our resources.

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